With two set-pieces gifting Watford goals on Saturday, the boys go over the Cherries transfer targets and rumours, chat about the up-coming game against Crystal Palace, and highlight the plight of Ethan Burney – AFCB’s own “as seen on TV” superstar supporter.

“Do You Remember?” is back this week, and in this episode we give you three audio-bytes from former Bournemouth players – can you correctly guess the names?

Michael Dunne brings us his review of Bournemouth’s 2-2 draw at home to the Hornets on Saturday, and we also take in the fans and media reaction to events at the Vitality before Sam and Sean then go on to have their say on the match.

It’s been a busy week in the rumour mill, and we are on hand to bring you a Back of the Net Transfer News special, where Sean reveals Cherries latest targets

We’ll be checking in with Ethan Burney, the young Cherries super-fan who has got a rare syndrome whereby he is losing his eyesight. Amongst other things, his family are raising money for him to visit Disneyland – but this week, he managed to fulfill another one of his dreams!

Plus, we preview Bournemouth’s next match and that is against struggling Crystal Palace at home. AFCB? At home? Playing a team that is struggling? There’s only one way that will finish!

To get more information on Ethan Burney and the different ways you can donate, view the Ethans Wishes Facebook Page.

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