Cherries paid tribute to our 33rd podcast at the weekend with another 3 goal debacle, and this week, Sean and Sam discuss the collapse at the K-Com whilst watching the match, preview the forthcoming Watford game, announce the Retro Shirt Poll results, plus highlight the plight of neighbours Poole Town.

As ever, Michael Dunne brings a considered approach of Saturday’s proceedings in his match report, and then after the fan and media reactions,  Sean and Sam watch and weep as our boys in blue went down 3-1 to a rejuvenated Hull City.
Before previewing Bournemouth’s next Premier League tussle versus Watford, we also reveal the results of our Retro Shirt Poll as we count down the the shirts, in order from 10 down to 1 – did your favourite old school shirt make the cut?
We love bringing you the podcast each and every week, however we cannot do it without your support. Hosting is getting expensive, and whilst we’re happy to chuck a few quid at it once in a while – it’d be great to have financial assistance so that we can keep producing and hosting the show for you.
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