#RETROAFCB Shirt Game vs Everton

September 23, 2016

Hi All

With all the off-field shenanigans at the club, and the need for a stronger sense of unity – We are suggesting a repeat of last year’s #RETROAFCB shirt game where we all put aside the shiny new Premier League shirt with all the badges, and instead wear something from back in the day.

Last season, #RETROAFCB was for the Villa game because the new shirts weren’t ready and felt it was appropriate to celebrate the journey we have come from as a club to rise to the top division, by displaying where we have come from.

This season, we feel that now is the time to once again bring out the dusty old tops – but for an even more important reason… Because there is a danger that our club is starting to feel a little bit less like our club.

Times have changed.

It will never be like it was, and that is understandable and we have been treated to the most glorious of years, BUT the supporters that gave so much through the darker days have been getting a rough ride.

Whether it is with seat changes to accommodate TV demands, lack of clear communication from the club, or the ongoing and escalating issues with ticketing such as faulty computer systems, inadequate processes for sale and collection, or Olly Murs.

So let’s remind our club, and the world, where exactly we have come from by wearing your old AFCB shirt for the game this weekend vs Everton (whether you are inside the ground, or watching somewhere else in the world).

It’ll bring some fun to stands, and hopefully we can roar the boys on to a good performance and 3 points as the team needs us right now to get behind them.

And if you are that way inclined, maybe tweet or post a photo on social media with the hashtag #RETROAFCB

Because without the history and the connection between the club and the fans born out of the most desperate of times, what are we left with?..

Just another Premier League club? No, we are and we must alway be more than that.

Together, Anything Is Possible.

And now, it is time for the club and the supporters to prove it.


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