England vs Iceland

In this episode of Back of the Net – The England Euro 2016 Podcast, Sam Davis is joined by staunch Three Lions supporter Joel Fabian, as the pair aim to dissect the humiliation of England’s woeful performance over Iceland, which left the latter of the pair feeling, well, not the best.

With Sean away this week, it has been Sam’s responsibility to pull the show together – and given the disastrous performance by the team on Monday, it certainly might not be an easy listen, but with Joel providing some comedic interludes – we certainly hope you’ll be able stomach 40 minutes of critiquing, complaining and moaning.

As well as discussing the match itself, future for the England team, the next potential manager of the national side, plus, we’ll also briefly chat about Wales, as well as giving our predictions for who is going to win the championship..


We subsequently take a wide-boy swagger down memory lane with another Do You Remember, where we feature an England player from yesteryear – will you get it right the week?

As well as this, Sam has been left with the responsibility of donning the news uniform (although I can only find the bow tie right now) and will be giving you a BRIMMING bulletin of brilliance in the latest (and final) instalment of the England Euro 2016 News.

Plus we’ll be giving our predictions on the Quarter Finals, as well as our predictions on who will be lifting the trophy in the Stade De France in July.

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