We preview England’s upcoming match vs Iceland & debate the issue with Vardy playing against weaker sides. Sean probes Sam about his recent trip to Lyon, where he was unwittingly (and unwillingly) forced to wear a half n half bodypainted kit as he watched Northern Ireland vs Ukraine.  Whilst the “costume” caused hilarity between supporters, the stewards seemed less than impressed…

As well as this, we discuss England’s recent 0-0 draw with Slovakia, a performance which has divided opinion among many supporters – not least the fans who contributed to this episode’s Fans Thoughts.

Once again we take a trip down memory lane with another Do You Remember?  This week, the England starlet in question was a certain manager’s favourite, played for two top flight clubs before trying his luck in Turkey, and was very unsuccessful with his last kick as an England player…

Along with our usual news segment where Sean brings us the Euro 2016 highs (the stories) and lows (puns) – we also preview the upcoming game against Iceland – and whilst we try to not make a joke about the frozen supermarket chain, it is almost inevitable that one of us will buckle.

We provide our predictions as well as debate the potential starting line up in what hopefully will not be our last Euro 2016 outing!
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